Thursday, 5 January 2012

It's a Small World

I recently joined a social network group called Vintage Network Worldwide It's a great place to look for vintage inspiration. I happened to come across some amazing images of women working in aircraft factories in WWll and loved the photographs so much I wanted to share a few of them with you.  The following photos are my favourite. They look like they could have been taken yesterday ... but they weren't! These are the real thing and I never tire of looking at them.
The lady responsible for unearthing the photos from 'the vaults' is Cristin from Austin,Texas. She's an archaeologist by trade so she finds her passion to look for and wear unique vintage artifacts is natural.
To learn more about Women at Work in WWll check out Cristin's blog
Her partner Adam, is a photographer and together the family run Merletto Vintage.
Cristin loves vintage Hawaiian textiles, early rayon, anything crepe, especially silks, georgette crepes, beaded and sequined garments, the plethora of lovely vintage laces that have spanned the ages, and novelty prints. She loves early plastics, and is working on a specialisation in celluloid, bakelite, and lucite!
Here is Cristin's blog, dedicated to the celebration and research of the fabulous fashions spanning the ages.
She features vintage items available in their shop, as well as items from shops around the globe, as she strongly believes that by buying vintage you are making unique quality investments in history.
Merletto Vintage specialises in 1940s swing clothing, 1940s and 1950s women’s and men’s wear from rockabilly to novelty prints, designer vintage Hawaiian dresses, vintage suits, vintage shoes, bakelite, lucite, and a selection of vintage inspired hair and wedding flowers, boutonnieres, and headpieces.
The reason I named this blog 'It's a Small World' is that we share a passion for vintage makeovers!
Cristin loves to set-up vintage inspired pin-up photo shoots for local gals looking to trade modeling to build up their portfolio for free.
In Cristin's words: "Unfortunately, and as most vintage enthusiast know, much of the clothing from this period lasted because they are painfully small. With that said, I pride myself on offering quality vintage clothing in a variety of sizes and love to shoot all sized gals in proper fitting vintage garments."
Cristin says "Remember kids, classics truly never go out of style and by buying vintage, you are recycling which means a happier world."
Cristin is a real inspiration! I can't wait to get working on my next vintage photo shoot! I'd love to reproduce some of the above images .... now there's a thought!


  1. Love the idea of reproducing some of the images, the one with paint brush in hand is obviously my favourite. x

  2. Yes that's a really lovely shot. I like the lady in the red and white striped t-shirt x