Thursday, 27 October 2011

Networking Group

It's an idea I've had for a while - To set up a vintage-type networking group for small business owners in the North West. Meet at a lovely location, drink tea (or maybe have a cocktail), chat and even do business! I've met so many inspiring and creative women recently. What a great opportunity it would be to mix with other like-minded women. You wouldn't have to run a big empire, you could just be starting out. You could be well established and would like to share your insights.The itinerary could include guest speakers with tips and advice, or could be a chance to showcase your skills or products. Maybe you need some motivation and some new ideas or connections. There are quite a lot of networking groups out there and our vintage network wouldn't be for everybody. You'd have to have a love of vintage, a positive attitude, a generous nature (and a love of cake)! Any vintage inspired or related business would qualify i.e fashion, makeover, crafts, tattoo artist, events organiser, tea room owner, performer ... you get my drift?
This little blog is just the beginnings of something that could be really great! I'd really appreciate your feedback, ideas and comments. In addition, would you complete this simple yes/no poll on my website which will also give me a good idea of interest.


  1. I'd be interested! Sounds like a great idea. :) x

  2. Thanks so much for the interest ladies! I'll be in touch soon. In the mean time, if you have any ideas, please feel free to contact me:

  3. I've set up a Facebook group:
    Please join and we can make a start at organising something soon xx