Sunday, 11 December 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Tweedy Christmas

I've been so inspired by the images from this years Tweed Run, I decided to design my very own 'country lady' look. The style is very vintage and is a great look for the winter months.
It's been fun searching online for vintage classics. I was looking for this totally British look on a ('flexible' shall we say) budget.
My pocket won't stretch to the designer price tags that come with Ralph Lauren, Barbour and Harris Tweed however, I do believe I did quite well.
Here's a list of my capsule garments and accessories:
Cool (and warm) way to wear a vintage fur stole
  • White short sleeve shirt with peter pan collar - Next
  • Vintage blue chambray shirt with long sleeves and peter pan collar - Ebay
  • Multi fairisle sleveless tank top - Ebay
  • Paisley bow tie - Ebay
Vintage 1960s paisley dickie bow tie from Ebay
  • Escada brown wool mix lined trousers with wide leg- Ebay
  • Paul Costelloe brown wool mix lined trousers with wide leg - Ebay
Flat Cap from Village Hats
Geeky specs .... I like them ok?!
  • Argyle wool knee length socks
I achieved it all on a budget of approx £150 .... good eh?! I'll be able to achieve so many different looks for all sorts of occasions and will add complimentry pieces as and when I come across them.

Tweed is so 'right now'
More about Harris Tweed Hebrides
My purchases are winging their way to me. I hope they arrive soon so I can enjoy a very Tweedy Christmas.

The latest from Ralph Lauren
I will post some piccies as soon as the various 'country-lady-looks' have been co-ordinated.
Until then ... Cheery-bye!


  1. I love it! There's nothing more British than tweed and if you can afford Harris Tweed, even better.

    You've managed put together some really stylish pieces, traditional with a modern twist. I'm looking forward to seeing some photographs in later issues. Thanks so much for the mention too! :)

  2. Hi Alison

    Love your blog, and we love tweed. our friend Jane Dennerly makes some beautiful things with Harris Tweed.

    and again love your blog.

  3. Thank you! That's really sweet! I'll check out Jane's blog right away :))

  4. Now that I've seen Jane's blog, I recognise her! I met her just yesterday at Prestwich Vintage Fair.

  5. Where can I get the green/chalk checked large collared tweed jacket please? xx