Friday, 2 December 2011

Miss Tattoo 2012

Introducing Haili Hughes also known as Coco Fierce. This year she's going all-out to win Miss Tattoo UK. Haili needs your votes to qualify so please read on, register and give her your support. Here's what she had to say:
1) What's your background?
I have a really varied background in that I did an English degree at Leeds University and was lucky enough to get a job straight at The News of the World in London as a journalist. After several years there I moved back to Warrington and retrained as an English teacher. I am married with a three year old son called Hendrix Ramone. In my spare time I like to read. I can devour two novels a week. I enjoy cooking spicy, exotic food and spending time with friends and family. I am obsessed with fashion and have over one hundred pairs of shoes! I love attending festivals and gigs by rockabilly, punk and metal bands. I also write a column on life as a modern pin up girl for Pin Up Passion website and model quite a lot as well. I occasionally sleep...

2) How did you get into the Rockabilly scene?
 I got into the rockabilly scene quite late, as before that I was doing a similiar thing but wasn't completely aware of how huge a sub-culture it was. I've always been obsessed with 40s and 50s movie stars and wanted to look like them. But until this year I could never find any rockabilly clothes that fit as I was a UK size 22! Now I've lost 6.5 stone in the last year and I completely live my life in rockabilly clothes - even at school! The kids love it!!!

3) When did you get your first tattoo?
I got my first tattoo at seventeen. It is a little butterfly on my shoulder and I hate it! Will be getting it covered later this month when I have a full back piece. I had a few small ones done during university, but my real addiction started when I returned to Warrington and started to have my tattoos done by Paul Suanders at Voodoo Tattoo in Warrington. I would never go to anybody else now as he is so amazing! In September my thigh tattoo he did for me won best of day award at Coventry Tattoo Convention, which has just been the pinnacle of my tattoing experience so far!
 4) What is the inspiration behind your tattoos?
I have many inspirations behind my tattoos. I have an Andy Warhol one on my hip which shows how much I love the pop art movement and I have several music related ones like The Libertines logo, The Smiths logo around my wrist and the banner on my chest is going to contain Joy Division lyrics. I have a large half sleeve pin up which represents all the gorgeous, strong women who have inspired me to go into modelling. The rest of my tattoos are very old school style and go hand in hand with my rockabilly lifestyle.
5) How would you describe your personal style?
My style is very much based on the rockabilly/psychobilly scene. I love all things glamorous and 1950s but also adore the kitsch, zombie stuff. I also love the weirdness of Lolita and Harajuki stuff. All of the bright colours are amazing!
6) Where are your favourite places to clothes shop?
I love to shop in charity shops and find vintage bargains. E-bay is a staple of my clothes buying also. I must admit I do get most of my clothes online, as I only ever find the odd thing on the high street. Favourite labels are things like Iron Fist, Hell Bunny, Collectif, Sourpuss, Tara Starlet. The Dolly Dagger and Attitude Clothing websites are fab. For shoes I adore Iron Fist, Irregular Choice, TUK and trusty Converse for dress down days. I like my jewellery very quirky so Tatty Devine and Etsy are great for a splurge.

Haili is a sure winner! Please help her to qualify for Miss Tattoo UK which is being organised by the Liverpool Tattoo Convention and Gladstone Magazine. Judging starts in April 2012. She needs your votes so please register now and vote for Coco Fierce. Go Coco! She's definitely one to watch out for!

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  1. Haili is such a wonderful inspiration. She's definitely got my vote!