Friday, 16 December 2011

Tweed in Progress

My 'tweedy' look is coming together gradually. I'm still waiting for the Ralph Lauren hacking jacket to arrive, which I've been promised is in the post. Here you see me in a vintage paisley bow tie from BobbySox Vintage. The peter pan collar blouse is from Ebay .... it cost 99p!!!!! That has to be the bargain of the year!
Geeky Specs from Direct Sight

The fairisle tank top and designer wool trousers (below) are both off Ebay.
Flat cap from Village Hats
White blouse from Next
The brown leather belt (above) is from Deer Vintage Clothing. Although the majority of the above outfit is not vintage or tweed, it kind of fits with the theme. I think it's perfectly ok to mix old with new to achieve the look you want.


  1. You're such a chameleon! You manage to look completely different in each shot. I really love the pinstripe shirt. It's all coming together very nicely. Looking forward to seeing the rest. :-)

  2. Love the cap and what good eBay bargains. But you still have not beat me with the vintage finds. I aquired a bag full of vintage clothing and with some TLC they will be winging there way to my site and the fair in March. If you have time please feel free to go check them out.
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. Great to find a bargain Beverley. I'll definitely be taking a look x